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Sonny Jim of Sandy Point, ECI, 1991, $12.95 list price
A quasi-biography about growing up in Sandy Point, St. Kitts. Recounts some of the intriguing features of a young man growing up under a British colonial setting with the attendant overlay of Caribbean myths, stories and parental instructions that all culminate into one of St. Kitts' and indeed a Caribbean classic.
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Death on the Pasture, ECI, 1994, $19.95
A social and political thriller set in the fictitious island of St. Siven, where politicians use their power to gain access and control of women, money and song. It underscores the comtemporary Caribbean scene and brings a clashing reality to light between men of power as they ingratiate themselves into the world of power, corruption and untimatley murder.
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A Weekend In Paradise, ECI, 2010, $23.95
An exciting novel on the fictitious island of St. Siven where Donald, the Chief Warden
in the St. Siven prison, Jody-Anne, the head of Human Resources of the prison, Sandra, a banking excutive and Nelson, a hardware worker are involved with social banter and sexual gymnastics that would bring laughter to another level.
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Andy Browne's Departure
, iUniverse, 2007, $23.95
The revealing story of a Professor at the University of St. Siven who claims to have a PhD in psychology. His involvement with one of his students brings about his downfall since the student happens to be the daughter of a key person in the University. Filled passion and intrigue, Andy Browne's Departure opens a Pandora's box of academia, where professors profess more than they teach, and students demand more of professors than they want to learn.

Dana, Steven and Brenda, ECI, 2007, $14.95
Three members of this intriguing cast are linked via political, melee and academic issues at the University of St. Siven. Steven plays his usual roles and tries to manipulate both Dana and Brenda. In the end they outfox him.

Essays On The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Economies,
IUniverse, 2006, $24.95
This economic text provides a readable survey of the critical works of S. B. Jones-Hendrickson on the economies of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.
The impact is on small states in the OECS and small states around the world.

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